Alleged Proof Texts for Total Hereditary Depravity Examined, 1833


You probably have friends or relatives who believe that people are “born in sin” or that we are “guilty in Adam” or some other variation of Total Hereditary Depravity. This doctrine is certainly taught by many of the popular preachers of “Christian Radio.” There are a host of Biblical passages that are said to prove this doctrine. Aylette Raines wrote a response to these alleged passages 183 years ago (1833). His answer to these alleged proof texts is still “on the mark” today.


The Denominational Creeds Teach Total Hereditary Depravity


Aylette Raines continues with his “Refutation of the Doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity” by demonstrating that this doctrine IS the teaching of various denominations. Moreover, as Raines reasons, if human beings inherit the original sin of Adam, as the doctrine teaches, then two results inevitably follow: 1) All babies are born guilty of sin, thus those who die in infancy must be lost (i.e. go to hell), and 2) since Christ “became flesh” (John 1:14), He likewise was polluted by the guilt of original sin. In the light of abundant Bible teaching, neither of these results is acceptable; therefore, the doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity as taught by the creeds and denominations cannot be true. The book was published in 1833. [11 min. 25 sec.]

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The Adaptation of the Bible to Man, Benjamin Franklin, 1869

Benjamin Franklin The Gospel Preacher

The Bible in every way is adapted to mankind for every spiritual need. No miracle is required either upon the Bible or upon people in order to effect salvation. The message the Bible contains AS IT IS, is completely adequate for human beings AS THEY ARE. Such is the message of Benjamin Franklin’s Sermon #7 in The Gospel Preacher, Vol 1 (1869)–“The Adaptation of the Bible to Man.”

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A Refutation of the Doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity, Aylette Raines, 1833


“A Refutation of the Doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity,” a small but masterful book by Aylette Raines, was published in 1833. In his early life, Raines was a “Universalist”–that is, he believed that all people would be saved. In 1830, however, he renounced this doctrine and became one of the great (although lesser-known) preachers of the Restoration Movement. I plan to make available a complete audio version of this book over the coming weeks. The first part is posted here–Definition and Origin of the Doctrine

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Modern Articles, 1930 to the Present

Today, I begin expanding the scope of material on Restoration Audio I’ve decided to include an occasional posting of material from brethren of the 20th & 21st centuries in addition to those of the 19th century. My plan is to post audio from time to time of more modern works material published through the years as a part of my effort to provide audio resources of solid Biblical material. Today’s first installment in this category is “Practical Advice for Congregational Singing” by Kevin W. Presley, from the Christian’s Expositor, Autumn 2015. This is an excellent article containing wise advice that is certain to improve the singing service in the congregations of the Lord.


Modern Articles

Sermon #6, Conversion, or Turning to God, Benjamin Franklin (1869)

Sometime in the late 1980s I read Benjamin Franklin’s sermons (published in 1869). As a young fellow, I certainly benefited from reading them. However, this time, in reading the sermons more carefully for purposes of recording, I have to say that I have a much greater appreciation of Franklin as a preacher than I could have comprehended back then. His sermon #6 “Conversion, or Turning to God” is simply superb! The link is below.

Franklin Sermons

Benjamin Franklin The Gospel Preacher

Things To Which Salvation Is Ascribed in the New Testament, Eph. 2:8, Benjamin Franklin

another photo of Franklin

Another great sermon by Benjamin Franklin published in 1869 but no doubt preached countless times in years prior to that date. The title is, “Things To Which Salvation is Ascribed in the New Testament.” Franklin forcefully demonstrates that in the New Testament salvation is ascribed to many things and that preachers who narrow it to one thing are leading people astray.

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Sermon # 4