Remarks on the Sympathies of Human Nature, No 2


If Total Heredity Depravity is true, then we should hate ourselves because it is right to hate sin. Yet the Bible teaches we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. But if we hate ourselves and love our neighbor as we love ourselves, then we will hate our neighbor. Another inconsistency in the doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity discussed by Aylette Raines in 1833.

Remarks on the Sympathies of Human Nature, Aylette Raines (1833)

“Thou lookest upon the smiling face of an unconscious babe and beholdest nought but Satanic depravity! Thou lookest into the heart of the affectionate mother as she presses her babe to her bosom, and pronouncest each affectionate emotion to be but the workings of black corruption!!!” Such is the assessment made by the advocates of Total Hereditary Depravity. In his “Remarks on the Sympathies of Human Nature,” Aylette Raines sharply criticizes such views.

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07 The Extent to Which Human Nature was Injured by Adams Sin, No 1

What impact did Adam’s sin have on the human race? Do we experience both spiritual and physical death as a result of Adam’s sin? or physical death only? Aylette Raines deals with this question in next section of his book “A Refutation of the Doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity.”

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“The Simplicity of the Gospel of Christ,” Benjamin Franklin (1869)


“Take the divine and infallible teaching of Jesus and the Apostles, read it, fill your memory with it, cherish it in your heart, meditate on it, delight in it, love it, and follow it with your whole mind and strength, and it will guide you peacefully, joyfully, and happily home to the haven of everlasting rest.” From Sermon No. 8, “The Simplicity of the Gospel of Christ” in “The Gospel Preacher Vol. 1” by Benjamin Franklin (1869). This book is a Classic of the highest order in every sense of the term! Sermon No. 8 audio version is posted here… The Simplicity of the Gospel of Christ

Alleged Proof Texts for Total Hereditary Depravity Examined, 1833


You probably have friends or relatives who believe that people are “born in sin” or that we are “guilty in Adam” or some other variation of Total Hereditary Depravity. This doctrine is certainly taught by many of the popular preachers of “Christian Radio.” There are a host of Biblical passages that are said to prove this doctrine. Aylette Raines wrote a response to these alleged passages 183 years ago (1833). His answer to these alleged proof texts is still “on the mark” today.


The Denominational Creeds Teach Total Hereditary Depravity


Aylette Raines continues with his “Refutation of the Doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity” by demonstrating that this doctrine IS the teaching of various denominations. Moreover, as Raines reasons, if human beings inherit the original sin of Adam, as the doctrine teaches, then two results inevitably follow: 1) All babies are born guilty of sin, thus those who die in infancy must be lost (i.e. go to hell), and 2) since Christ “became flesh” (John 1:14), He likewise was polluted by the guilt of original sin. In the light of abundant Bible teaching, neither of these results is acceptable; therefore, the doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity as taught by the creeds and denominations cannot be true. The book was published in 1833. [11 min. 25 sec.]

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