On The Breaking of Bread No. 1, Alexander Campbell, August 1, 1825

Today I post another audio reading from Alexander Campbell’s series of articles titled, “A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things”—this week No. 6 in the series. It is subtitled “On the Breaking of Bread No. 1” and is the first in the series in which Campbell argues for the appropriateness and scripturalness of weekly communion (as opposed to monthly, semi-annual or annual communion).

Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things No. 6

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Ch 3, Lipscomb, Civil Government, 1913

In the 19th century, many men in the church held offices as elected officials in the government. David Lipscomb was opposed to this practice. Chapter 3 of his Civil Government considers 8 individuals in the Bible who are alleged to be examples of godly men whose lives justify the Christian’s participation in civil government—Daniel, Joseph, Matthew, the Ethiopian Nobleman, Cornelius, the Philippian Jailor, Erastus, and Paul. In chapter 3 Lipscomb argues that none of these biblical personalities serve as examples for such participation. Listen to his reasoning here…

Civil Government

A young David Lipscomb below.

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