Remarks on the Sympathies of Human Nature, No 2


If Total Heredity Depravity is true, then we should hate ourselves because it is right to hate sin. Yet the Bible teaches we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. But if we hate ourselves and love our neighbor as we love ourselves, then we will hate our neighbor. Another inconsistency in the doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity discussed by Aylette Raines in 1833.

Remarks on the Sympathies of Human Nature, Aylette Raines (1833)

“Thou lookest upon the smiling face of an unconscious babe and beholdest nought but Satanic depravity! Thou lookest into the heart of the affectionate mother as she presses her babe to her bosom, and pronouncest each affectionate emotion to be but the workings of black corruption!!!” Such is the assessment made by the advocates of Total Hereditary¬†Depravity. In his “Remarks on the Sympathies of Human Nature,” Aylette Raines sharply criticizes such views.

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