Alexander Campbell 1788-1866

Alexander Campbell (below) published a paper called “The Christian Baptist” from 1823 to 1830. Over the course of several issues he wrote 32 articles under the title “A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things.” This series of articles is ranked among the “classic” of Mr. Campbell’s writings. Today I post “No. 5” of this series, subtitled “Order of Worship,” in which Campbell argues that there is a divinely authorized worship for Christians and that this order should be universally the same among the churches of the Lord. You may listen here:

alexander-campbell 2

Ch 2, Civil Government, David Lipscomb, 1913

Today I post the audio for chapter 2 of Civil Government by David Lipscomb. After dealing with the origins and missions of civil government from the Old Testament in chapter 1, the author turns attention in chapter 2 to the New Testament, specifically to the Christian’s relationship and responsibilities to earthly governments and their leaders. A careful reading of this chapter (or listening, if you prefer) is recommended to all the people of God during these days of political agitation and all the emotional involvement accompanying it. Listen here:

David Lipscomb 2

Ch. 1 Civil Government, Its Origin, Mission, and Destiny, 1913

The presidential primary elections are now in full swing. All eyes are on politics. Thus I have delayed until now to begin my next audio book project—David Lipscomb’s classic work, “Civil Government, Its Origin, Mission, and Destiny, and the Christian’s Relation To It” (Lipscomb pictured below). It was first published in book form in 1913, but its contents were published originally as articles in the Gospel Advocate in the years 1866 and 1867 following the American Civil War (1861-64). Lipscomb’s views on civil government grew out of an intense study of the Bible on the subject following his observation during the war of members of the church in both the North and South joining in the fight on opposite sides. The spectacle of members of the church, north and south, killing each other in the name of the Union on one side and the Confederacy on the other presented to Lipscomb a most unjustifiable contradiction. The results of Lipscomb’s Biblical study on civil government are masterfully presented in this important, but much-neglected book. During this highly-charged election year, every member of the church should reflect upon the Biblical principles developed here by Bro. Lipscomb. I highly urge you to read it or you may listen to chapter one here: Subsequent chapters to follow. (Carnage from the Battle of Antietam, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, 1862, below).