Margaret Campbell’s Farewell Address, 1827

As the first installment to Audio Life & Times, I have selected the Farewell Address of Margaret Campbell (the first wife of Alexander Campbell), in which she gives advice to her 5 young daughters at the time of her impending death at the young age of 36. It was October 1827.  Written nearly 180 years ago, the address to her daughters, ages 6 to 15, is beautifully eloquent and demonstrates an attitude of piety that seems to be lacking today.  Margaret died of what in the 19th century they called “consumption.” In the Obituary Notice published by her husband Alexander in the Christian Baptist (Nov 3, 1827), he said she died of “a disease of the consumptive character.” Today I believe they would call it Pulmonary Tuberculosis. In the days before antibiotics, there was no cure. You might get over it—you might not.

MP3 File Margaret Campbell’s Farewell Address 1827