Reconciliation, J.W. McGarvey 1864

In 1863 J.W. McGarvey, in typical fashion, very ably analyzes and clarifies the confusion that exists in the popular religious mind concerning the process of reconciliation between God and man as taught in the Gospel. He demonstrates that those who pray, beg, and weep that God will save them seek in vain for some new sign of the “proof” of God’s grace. The sign has already been given in His Son Jesus and it is up to them to turn to Him and be reconciled. (Length: 11 minutes 47 seconds).


J.W. McGarvey

Keep Thyself Pure, J.W. McGarvey, 1874

John William McGarvey penned an article in 1874 titled “Keep Thyself Pure.” Even though this article was written 142 years ago, it is remarkable how timely and pertinent it is even in this day of almost complete disregard for Biblical morality. This article was originally published in a paper called the Apostolic Times. Listen, as McGarvey’s stirring words echo across nearly a century and a half in condemnation of the immorality of the 21st century! (total time 5 minutes, 50 seconds). A young McGarvey pictured below.

McGarvey Articles

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