Ch. 5, The Sun Will Shine Again Someday

Today I post chapter 5 of The Sun Will Shine Again Someday by Ronny F. Wade. This chapter is titled “A New Paper” and is the highpoint of the entire book. The new paper was called “The Truth” and was published by Harry Charles (H.C.) Harper beginning in January 1928 to serve as a venue for opposing individual cups in the communion among churches of Christ. In March 1931, this paper featured a debate on the cup question between H.C. Harper and J.N. Cowan (pictured below). This written debate, and the earlier oral debate between these two men, mark a defining moment in the history of the brotherhood. Chapter 5 outlines the origin of the new paper, the story behind the scenes of the slow-to-come debates between Harper and Cowan, and other important issues and developments. If the page layout of The Truth (pictured below) seems familiar, it is because the name of “The Truth” was later changed to “Old Paths Advocate” in 1932, which, of course, remains in publication to this day. If you have even a casual interest in the history of the brotherhood, you will not want to miss reading (or listening to) chapter 5 of The Sun Will Shine Again Someday!