Grace, Graces, State of Grace, McGarvey, 1864

This is one of those pieces I always say I wish I could have come up with! McGarvey compares the varied use of the word “Grace” in the Westminster Confession of Faith, with the way the word is used in the Scriptures. Although written 150 years ago, this article is still as applicable today as ever. Just listen to the preaching on popular “Christian Radio” and you’ll see the point!

Graces, Graces, State of Grace

Chapter 3 of Reminiscences…

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In April 1829, Alexander Campbell (left) debated the skeptic and socialist Robert Owen (right) in Cincinnati, OH on the evidences of Christianity. Campbell was forty-one years old at the time. A young twenty-one year old Nathan J. Mitchell and his older brother James made a trip on horseback from Belmont county Ohio to Cincinnati to attend the great debate between Campbell and Owen. In chapter 3 of his “Reminiscences,” Nathan relates a thrilling account of this trip, including many stories of impromptu gospel “meetings” he and his brother held along the way to the debate. This is part 1 of chapter 3; part 2 will follow.

Chapter 2 of Reminiscences…

In chapter 2 of his autobiography, Nathan J. Mitchell relates the story of his conversion to the ancient gospel and his earliest travels and efforts to preach. It is not only an exciting story of the times in which he lived, but also a demonstration of the effect the gospel of Christ had in his life and the lives of many others in the early 1800s.

Chapter 2



Reminiscences and Incidents, Nathan J. Mitchell, 1877


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be born and raised, and later travel and preach in frontier America in the early 1800? Let Nathan J. Mitchell tell you in his own words. One of the lesser known preachers of the Restoration Movement, Mitchell tells a fascinating story of his birth, childhood, and youth in chapter 1 of his autobiography–“Reminiscences and Incidents in the Life and Travels of a Pioneer Preacher of the Ancient Gospel”–published 1877.

Image: old railroad map of Belmont County, OH where Mitchell grew up.

Chapter 1