The Denominational Creeds Teach Total Hereditary Depravity


Aylette Raines continues with his “Refutation of the Doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity” by demonstrating that this doctrine IS the teaching of various denominations. Moreover, as Raines reasons, if human beings inherit the original sin of Adam, as the doctrine teaches, then two results inevitably follow: 1) All babies are born guilty of sin, thus those who die in infancy must be lost (i.e. go to hell), and 2) since Christ “became flesh” (John 1:14), He likewise was polluted by the guilt of original sin. In the light of abundant Bible teaching, neither of these results is acceptable; therefore, the doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity as taught by the creeds and denominations cannot be true. The book was published in 1833. [11 min. 25 sec.]

Listen here


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