Ch 6, The Division That Never Should Have Happened

A very sad period for the one cup, no class brotherhood occurred when division came over Acts 2:42 and the “order of worship” question. The event that marked the break was the resignation of J. D. Phillips (far right below) from the editorial staff of the OPA in June 1939 (image below). Chapter 6 of “The Sun Will Shine Again Someday” by Ronny F. Wade relates the behind-the-scenes story that surrounds the tragic situation. The story is told through personal letters between Homer L. King, Homer A. Gay, and J. D. Phillips (pictured below, left to right). Although a sad story, you will want to know the story if for no other reason than the lessons it can teach us as a people who strive for unity.

PS: I have been informed of a misreading in the “Dedication” at the beginning of the book. I have now corrected it. In making an audio recording of an entire book, mistakes are inevitable and I know I’ve made others beside the one in the Dedication (misreading names, omission of words etc.). This mistake in the Dedication is easier to correct and less significant, however, than others I’ve made in the book, so the correction has been made. Any others will have to wait.

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